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Impact Prevention Tank

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Air (Shock Prevention) Boiler is the tank, also called balancing tank, in order not to damage the system due to water hammer that occurs as a result of momentum change during water transmission lines, especially in power cuts, pump-valve maneuvers and stop-take-offs.

In particular, it causes consequences such as bursting pipes, rupture of compensator, breaking of connections of concrete masses.

In our country, damage / failure situations are encountered as a result of the impact that occurred during the first commissioning of the pipelines that were completed in recent years and considered new.

Air boilers are among the methods used to prevent such malfunctions and damages due to water hammers.

Due to the water hammer that occurs as a result of the sudden stop in the pumps, the check valve closes before the pump comes to a complete stop and the flow in the line continues with a gradually slowing down speed. It creates a low pressure area just after the check valve. The water at the operating pressure in the Air Boiler starts to fill the pipeline.

Since the water in the Air Boiler is previously compressed air, it does not form a vacuum and the pressure drop will be slow. After a certain period of time, a flow starts in the pipeline towards the pump, so the pressure starts to increase. Due to the increased pressure, the compressed water starts to fill into the pressure air boiler. The pressure rises slightly above the normal operating value and water starts to fill the pipeline from the air boiler and these movements are gradually damped by the effect of friction loss.


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